About the poet: Sameer Roopawalla

Why I am?

I tell them to whisper; I believe it can hear us,

I ask them to crouch; I believe it is near us.

I can hear it grunt and hiss in warning,

I prepare myself for the end that is coming.

I spread one arm out to protect and with the other I clutch a sword,

I stare into the darkness and hum a holy word.

They now start to shiver and the scent of fear rises,

I hear footsteps and I’m prepared for its surprises.

The moonlight provides enough for me to get a glimpse,

I see it standing there and I walk into its midst.

The others run away as it turns its attention towards me,

It gets on all fours and rushes towards me.

My years of training all boils down to this,

I thrust forward too and with a roar I clench my wrist.

It breaks my rib and I tear out its shoulder,

One of us was dead when the battle got over.

I was alone no one came to help me,

I took it upon myself to represent – we.

An hour later, this matter was decided,

It gave me a fatal blow when our arms collided.

The last thing I remember was that it sat beside me,

It prayed that I went to heaven and for the battle it thanked me.

As it turned away, it turned to me and said –

This battle is not over you just happen to be dead.

I hovered over my body and drifted towards my maker,

He put me into another body ten thousand years later.

It’s been 23 years in this body and I know its back with all its might,

It whispers in my ear when I sleep; it asks me to fight.

Ever since I was betrayed, I have never lifted a sword,

I prefer to be a warrior but this time of the word.

                                                                                           – About the poet: Sameer Roopawalla

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