PoetRoom_Along she came

Along she came with a spring in her step


Along she came with a spring in her step,

Probably the cutest little girl I ever met.

I pulled out the photo & held it by the frame,

“Honey, tell me, did this man come to this lane?”

She nodded at once and took me by the hand,

I followed her down the alley, that wasn’t rather grand.

Broken toys, swings, idle in front of boring homes,

“Honey you sure this is the place to find Mr. Knowles?”

Yes, she nodded and gestured me to come closer,

“I have a secret, promise you’ll tell no one sir!”

Surprised and curious, I leaned forward…

I never saw the next day, I died there a coward.

Next week came and Mr. Brown stopped a girl,

“Honey, have you seen this man around here?”

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