Me and My Younger Me

Me and My Younger Me


Hand in hand we walked on the sand, me and my younger me,
I laughed at his jokes, we two young blokes, me and my younger me.
We sat on a bench, I asked him his dreams, he proceeded to me,
That silly little man was describing my life, me and my younger me.
He brought a cricket bat, he asked me for a match – my younger me,
He barely got a hit, but I wasn’t as fit, me and my younger me.
I took him for a beer to a pub that was near, I put the tab on me,
By the end of the night, he had gulped 9 and here I was slurring on three,
He carried me home, called me old and we sat in front of the TV,
We watched an old match, held each other’s hands, me and my younger me.
When I woke up, he was gone; I looked for him franticly,
I’ll never forget that night, I had the time of my life, just me and my younger me.

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