To visit an astrologer or not

Ask Sameer: To visit an Astrologer or not; That is my question!


Ask Sameer:  Hi Sameer. I’m a strong believer in God and live my life according to 2 concepts, Dharma and Karma. According to many scriptures, they say never ask an astrologer what your future would be, because nothing is above God and fate can change when you are blessed (which i agree). I wish to know your opinion on this. Why is it considered bad to ask the astrologer when Astrology is just a science and is also proved to be a GPS for life? Do you also believe that we can change our own fate through our karma? – Well Wisher

Hi Well Wisher,

This is going to be interesting.

Your belief and relationship with God is personalized and changes over time. Scriptures, holy books and saints are merely narrators of popular opinions regarding God. Visualize them like a manual which you use to operate a new electronic product. Lengthy, interesting at first, lying forgotten in a dusty corner later. Focus on the product and not on the manual for the moment. Let’s talk about the way you honor God.

By living your life according to Dharma and Karma, you have successfully become your own astrologer. Every positive action you make is going to get you a positive reaction. So you can be rest assured that good things will come your way and at the same time, mend the bad things that occurred in the past.

Why should you visit an astrologer?

Well, this is tricky. The only reason I can think of is knowledge. Albeit a rather dangerous form of knowledge. Do you really want to know what could have happened in the past and what may happen in the future? If yes, what are you going to do with this knowledge? My guess is nothing. We are usually not prepared to action on knowledge that we were never intended to receive.

Why should you not visit an astrologer?

This is straight forward. You see, every day and every single action you do has a domino effect. If you receive a compliment in the morning, you can rest assured that you will have a happier day than otherwise.  If I told you the night before that you are going to receive a compliment in the morning, you are aware of it and the element of surprise is gone. In fact, in the expectation of the compliment you may do something that puts it off. You are now back to having an ordinary day. The GPS of life you speak about is your Dharma and Karma and not your astrologer; the astrologer does not have to live with the consequences of the prophecy.

I read somewhere that every day we exercise, we change our DNA a little too. With every little effort you put, you are helping build a stronger next generation. Again, your Dharma and Karma has changed the future. You are your own astrologer!

To visit an astrologer or not is your choice and yours alone. Forget what people and scriptures say. But remember, you are going to receive information that may burden you further. Instead, I’d prefer you spend that time with a loved one, someone, who has to live with the consequences of your conversations.

“Why know when you can bask in the glory of the unknown.”

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