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Do you have a knack for writing and are up to date with current affairs? If yes, come, write for us!

The Poet Room is on the lookout for volunteer writers/poets who can write on any of the following genres:

1) Politics (India)

2) Sports (Cricket, Soccer)

3) Movies and Music (Bollywood, Hollywood)

4) Technology

5) Food & Travel

6) Others: Any current affair that you feel that would appeal to the readers of The Poet Room

Please ensure that your awesome articles/poems are philosophical in nature. Which means that it should contain ‘your opinion’ on the subject which should be different from mainstream thought. Take a look at the writings so far published on the site, it would help you conceptualize!

Fill the form below and in the subject do mention the genre you have chosen.

E.g. Name: Sameer Roopawalla | Email: thepoetroom@gmail.com | Subject: Technology – Why Sam sung a bad Note 3? | Message : Your writing

With your writing, do mention the following too:

1) 3 lines about yourself

2) Twitter, Blog, Website etc. link (if any)

We promise you that every single word you write will be read by our edit team and if it is in the best interest of the site, it will be published.

The marketing team will guide you on how to get a lot of people to read your writings once it is published.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s plenty of space in The Poet Room!

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